Saturday, 23 January 2010

Monkeying around at Semuc Champey

Apologies, as this article is way way overdue. AHEM....... I've been experiencing debilitating technical difficulties, then there was Christmas and New Year to consider, and before that I went on a sailing jaunt......ok, now I'm rambling!

The second weekend we took off while studying Spanish landed us in Semec Champey for a bit of fun in the jungle. We wondered through a cave system by candle light, tubing downstream and monkeying around in the water. That was inbetween an electric storm and a hike through the rainforest. When it did stop raining, we explored the river system that is made up of a series of turquoise blue ponds and a waterfall. Oh to have had an indestructable camera, this was sheer exhilaration! Scaling down the waterfall, plunging into the waterfall and jumping from 4 or 5 metres up. Before clambering back up thankfully our guides Carlos and Jose looked after us. Guatemalan people make such good teachers and guides, it seems to come naturally to them. I think it's a combination of kindess and patience. Gautemala is a great place to learn a new language.

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